In Which State Do I Find a Work Injury Attorney?

I live in Arkansas and was hired by a company in Missouri and was injured in Alabama. In what state should I look for an attorney? And what type workers comp or auto insurance ?

On the third day of a new driving job I fell from the truck and broke my arm. That was a year ago and still do not have full use of my arm and have been unable to work I’ve not heard from the man (owner) of company since . He was a friend of brothers and has his own DOT authority and was leased to Landstar. I’m wanting to know if this is a workers comp issue or his vehicle insurance issue. What state should the attorney be from and what type of attorney? There was witness and hospital record.

And can I file workers comp for bills and wages against his vehicle insurance for pain and suffering? What if he doesn’t have workers comp? Is there any benefit from filing in one state vs. the other? ( Alabama injury site vs Mo. company home )

You will need a worker’s comp attorney that is licensed in Missouri. Because there is not an underlying third party that is responsible for your fall, there is not a personal injury claim. But if your fall happened when you were “on the clock” your employer’s workers comp insurance should pay for your medical bills and your lost wages. Worker’s comp does not ever pay for pain and suffering.

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