Adoption is something that is very important to all of us at the firm. Holly has adopted all three of her children though open adoption. Our Arkansas adoption lawyers represent birth mothers who love their babies enough to choose life and to place their children in loving, Christian homes though adoption. Our attorney fee and the cost of reasonable expenses for the birth mother are always paid by the adoptive family. The birth mother chooses whether she wants an open adoption (where she chooses the adoptive family), a closed adoption (where she specifies what she wants for the baby but has no knowledge of the adoptive family), or somewhere in between. If you are a couple wishing to adopt, please contact our adoption attorneys to be added to our waiting list of couples hoping to adopt. If you are a birth mother wanting to talk about adoption, please call us today for a confidential, caring consultation with the attorney of your choice.

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Holly wants to thank you for taking the noble step of choosing life and a good home for your baby. Adoption is a wonderful choice. Holly is personally and professionally grateful to birthmothers who choose adoption, as their three children are adopted through open adoption.

However, we understand a birthmother’s decision to have a closed adoption.

When choosing adoption through our firm, your attorney will be professional and confidential. All expenses are paid, and we have great families waiting for a special child like yours.

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We understand the adoption process personally and professionally, as Holly’s three children are adopted through open adoption. If you are interested in becoming adoptive parents to a wonderful child, please send the following information to:

Martin Attorneys, PA
2706 American Drive
Springdale, AR 72764:

  • Dear Birthmother letter. We will give copies to prospective birthmothers.
  • Separate paper with your name, address, phone number and at least 3 references. This will be confidential.
  • Color pictures of you and your children (if any). Consider taking photos from a photo album and taping to paper and making color copies. These can be 3 or 4 sheets that might reflect who you really are. We will allow birthmothers to view these.
  • A written statement about you, explaining who you are, education information, whether you intend to keep working after the adoption, how you intend to care for a baby, and perhaps an explanation of the pictures. (1-2 pages typewritten.) This will also be given to birthmothers.
  • Full bio sheet, which will be confidential. Include where you attended school; where you go to church; employer’s name, address and phone number; job position; approximate income level; the names, addresses and phone numbers of people that know you well (family and non-family); and any other information that will help us get to know you. This information will be used by our office for reference checks and is kept confidential.

Call for your free 1st visit near you:
Springdale: (479) 756-9222 |
Rogers: (479) 636-6400 |
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We have decided that we want to adopt a baby. What more should we know?

First and foremost, please pray that God will guide you through this process, that He will find the solution that He means for your family, whether that is a the right baby or even no baby. Write to every attorney and doctor to get your name out as a couple wishing to adopt. One attorney in our area that you should contact is Gene Kelly at 479-636-1051. Tell all of your family and friends and ask them to pray for you during this process. Get financing lined up for the cost of adoption if you cannot afford to pay $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Make sure that the money for this adoption is earmarked and that you both agree on what you are willing to spend. Get a home study done--you can contact Paula Matthews at 479-582-9020 for a home study or for a referral to another social worker that can do a home study. Put together a portfolio with pictures that you would show to a prospective birthmother. Be sure you have more than one copy! Finally, please remember that birthmothers are usually fragile. They have made a decision out of abiding love for the baby and it is not fair to them to meet a prospective adoptive couple and have it fall through. Please be certain this is God's will for you before you take that step.

I am pregnant and am considering adoption for my baby. What more should I know?

We believe that children from the very moment of conception are a precious gift from God and we believe that you are honoring God and yourself by choosing life for your baby. We know that this is a very difficult decision for you and that you must love the baby very much to choose life for it. We pray that you will continue to choose life for the baby and either parent it yourself or find a loving couple who can give it a Christ-centered home. Jack & Holly have 3 adopted children and love each of their birthmothers and thank God for them daily. Each situation is different and we are here to help you through yours in every way we can. God Bless You for choosing life!

If my family is chosen to adopt a baby and the adoption does not go through, will I lose my money?

All money paid by the adoptive family is deposited into our law firm trust account and remains your money until the funds are disbursed. No funds are disbursed without approval by the adoptive family. We do not take our fee until the Judge has signed the Order for Adoption, after the 10 day waiting period has passed. If the adoption falls through because the adoptive couple backed out, they may not be entitled to a refund. If the adoption falls through because of other reasons, the adoptive family will be entitled to a refund of any monies not disbursed.

Is there another way to reverse an adoption if the 10 days to revoke consent have passed?

After the time for revoking initial consent has passed, an adoption in Arkansas may be reversed within 6 months if fraud can be proved. After the 6 months have passed, the adoption is final and non-revocable.

Does the law allow a birthmother to change her mind about the adoption?

The birthmother's written consent to adoption is obtained shortly after birth, as soon as her medical care professional certifies that any drugs are out of her system and she is OK to sign legal papers. That consent is filed with the Courthouse and she has 10 calendar days to revoke that consent. However, weekends and holidays can extend this period.

What is the difference between an open adoption and a closed adoption?

In an open adoption, the birthmother meets and chooses the adoptive family and there is contact throughout the pregnancy. The birthmother may choose to allow the adoptive mother to accompany the birthmother to all of her prenatal appointments and may even invite her to be present in the room when the baby is delivered. In an open adoption, there is usually some level of contact after the adoption, often a letter with pictures once a year, as the adoptive parents are willing.

In a closed adoption, the birthmother does not meet the adoptive family and does not ever know their identity. There is no contact after birth.

How do you determine who will be selected as adoptive parents?

We meet with the birthmother in a confidential setting to ask what her wishes are for parents for her child--religious preference, age, local or out of state, open or closed adoption, stay-at-home parent or both working, siblings, ethnicity, and many other factors. During this meeting, the birthmother indicates what level of contact with the child in the future she wants the adoptive couple to be willing to provide. Once we know the birthmother's wishes, we evaluate our list of couples hoping to adopt and, after much prayer, choose the family or families that most closely match her wishes. Families who have given a complete portfolio with pictures (and have had a home study done if time is short) are given priority. We tell her about that family, but do not reveal their identity or location. If she agrees that it sounds like a good match and the birthmother has chosen an open adoption, a meeting is set up so that everyone can meet face to face. Only after that meeting is held and both the birthmother and the adoptive family agree that it is a good match is any additional information released, as agreed upon by everyone. Of course, each adoption is unique and we encourage you to consult an attorney for what can be expected in your case.

What costs can be expected in an adoption?

The birthmother pays nothing. The adoptive family pays all normal, reasonable and customary costs, including our attorney fee. These costs must be approved by the Judge and include, but are not limited to, reasonable living expenses during the pregnancy and for up to 8 weeks after delivery for the birthmother and any of her dependent children; all medical expenses for the baby; and any medical expenses for the birthmother not covered by any insurance the birthmother may have. Of course, each adoption is unique and we encourage you to consult an attorney for what can be expected in your case.

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