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Here at Martin Attorneys, we have strong expertise in Bankruptcy Law and handle many bankruptcy cases. So since a lot of people have questions and concerns about bankruptcy issues, we want to share some content in regards to many of the questions we hear on a daily basis.

And we’ll be adding to this article list as we publish more information ans answers…

Bankruptcy Information

  • How Bankruptcy Impacts Your Car – When you file for bankruptcy, you must list everything that you own and everything that you owe. If you are paying off a car at the time you wish to file for bankruptcy, you will need to need to decide if you are going to surrender the car to the lender or continue making payments on it. Many people wonder “if they file for bankruptcy on one car, do they have to do so with the other?” Listing the cars that you own does not mean that you are going to lose them. Read More
  • The Need For Honesty When Filing for Banruptcy – A mistake people sometimes make when filing for bankruptcy is not listing every possible creditor, or trying to hide property or other assets. Maybe you are unsure whether an inheritance you have not yet received is relevant to today’s court documents. Or you are trying to protect a family member or creditor you would like to pay back. Read More
  • How Personal Injury Cases Can Be Affected by Bankruptcy – If you have or are considering filing for bankruptcy and also have a pending personal injury claim, it’s very important that you talk to a skilled bankruptcy attorney to understand how your personal injury recovery could be affected. Read More
  • HAMP and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Know Your Rights – HAMP now allows homeowners to seek loan modification even if they have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. In fact, mortgage servicers are now required to consider homeowners who are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy for a loan modification to lower monthly mortgage payments, even if they have previously applied for HAMP and been turned down, if the homeowner, their attorney or bankruptcy trustee requests consideration. Read More
  • How Often Can You File for Bankruptcy – In theory there are no limits on the number of times you can file for personal bankruptcy, but the US Bankruptcy Code imposes some mandatory minimum time periods between bankruptcy filings if… Read More

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