Over the years, since 1989, the lawyers at our Christian-based law firm have gained a reputation as thorough and effective attorneys who know how to get results. People appreciate our experience and legal knowledge, our personal service, and our success at solving their problems.

Before Holly started the firm in 1989, she was living and working in Oklahoma. Her family had been in NW Arkansas since the late ’70’s and she looked for a way to move to this area. Holly had worked for two years with a large firm in Tulsa and was ready to take the step of working as a solo attorney. She worked alone for about a year and, as her business and work as an attorney grew, she added an assistant and ultimately a second assistant. After three years as a solo attorney, the work demanded another attorney and the firm began to grow. From the very beginning, the firm focused on bankruptcy, family law, personal injury and wills and probate. The presence of another attorney in the firm allowed Holly to focus her work as an attorney on the larger, more demanding cases. Holly worked on the more complex family law cases and business bankruptcies while the associate attorney focused on the remaining work.

Holly loves helping ensure values and quality are carried throughout the firm’s work. Her passion of working to help people shows throughout the firm as we look for the holistic approach to help our clients. Community resources and counseling are often part of helping people repair damaged lives.
This focus on values, service to others and professionalism means that every attorney that joins our firm does so only after it is clear that their values and goals are a good match. Click below to meet and learn about our team. We want you to know what makes them passionate about law. But we also want you to know them as a person—what do they care about?

From the small office that saw our beginnings, we now have offices in Springdale and in Rogers. We know that being near to where you are is important.

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Lawyers that Listen

We believe communication is the most important part of your successful and effective relationship with us. We listen carefully to your concerns and explain about your case in down to earth language. When we talk with you about your case, we are looking for a legal solution that targets the cause of your legal problem, not just a symptom.

You will see our commitment to effective communication at every step of your case. Your lawyer will send you copies of any papers about your case and will always respond to your calls and answer your questions. Even after talking with us on the phone, you will also get a letter from your attorney that repeats important points you need to know about your case.

Clients appreciate the welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere at our office.

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