RealtyTrac, a company that markets foreclosed properties, released a report today that said foreclosure filings on US properties hit a new high in March.  The numbers were up almost 50% over March of 2007 and were the highest since they began tracking this number in 2005.

This is the kind of news we are hearing more often in this economy.

If you are worried about your home, now is the time to call us.  We can help!  Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool and can stop a foreclosure.  Do not wait until the bank has set the date to sell your home–time is very important in stopping a foreclosure.

Many of our clients are surprised to find out that they can keep their home and do not have to catch up on their home (or car) payments before they can get protection from their creditors in bankruptcy.  Even a mortgage that is many months behind can be brought current during a bankruptcy, spreading the late payments over 24-36 months.

Call us and we will meet with you today, for free, to evaluate your case and work with you to get a fresh start.

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