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If you have been injured by the conduct of a medical professional or facility, such as a doctor, nurse, hospital, or clinic in Rogers, Arkansas , we can help. Doctors are required to stay current in their knowledge of treatment methods and to meet a reasonable standard of care and failure to do so may make them liable to pay compensation for any injuries that result from their sub-standard care.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a serious injury due to a doctor mistake, hospital mistake, or another error made by a health care provider, you deserve compensation for your losses and suffering. While nothing can make up for a serious medical injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, the compensation you receive can help you cope with the tragedy and go on with your life.

The attorneys at Martin Attorneys, P.A. represent clients in all types of medical malpractice matters, including:

  • Doctor error
  • Nursing errors
  • Hospital error
  • Birth injuries, including Brain damage to infants
  • Surgical or Medication error
  • Misdiagnosis or Failure to diagnose

We can try to recover damages, including loss of past and future earnings, special care aids and equipment, traveling expenses, pain and suffering, care and assistance, adapted accommodation and transport, medicines and medical fees, and general expenses.

So, whether your medical malpractice came from Emergency room failures (including failure recognize signs of evolving stroke with resulting brain injury and disability or signers of heart attack resulting in death), Gynecology Surgeon negligence, Podiatry negligence, Labor and Delivery Nurse negligence (including fetal monitor strips with resulting infant birth asphyxia and cerebral palsy), General Surgeon negligence, Internal Medicine negligence, Obstetrician negligence or Radiology negligence contact one of our layers today.

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