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Matters of custody are often very volatile and sensitive, which is an indication of their importance. When you go to court over a child custody issue, the judge will do what he or she believes is in the best interest of the child, but the Judge does not know your family or your situation. So, if you are looking for resolution of a custody case in Fayetteville, Arkansas , you will need experienced attorneys like those at Martin Attorneys, P.A. to ensure that the interests of you and your child are truly represented in and outside the courtroom.

Not every child custody case involves married parents. At times, we see cases of unmarried mothers and fathers trying to establish paternity. We also will assist in reaching proper child support arrangements, including financial compensation and arrears, child custody and visitation. As Christian attorneys, we examine the welfare of the child as one of our utmost concerns.

If you are moving to another of state and need to take your children, your child custody agreement may need to be amended. The sooner you speak to one of our child custody attorneys, the better it will be for everyone involved in the situation. Our firm also handles many other types of child custody issues involving both married and unmarried individuals.

If, after the divorce, you have been unable to reach an agreement regarding your children’s custody status with the other parent, the family court judge deciding your case in Fayetteville, Arkansas might order a custody evaluation. A custody evaluation is the process in which a mental health professional, usually a psychologist, evaluates you, your children and your ex-spouse in order to make a custody and visitation recommendation to the court deciding your case. The court will often take the recommendation of this evaluation and grant custody accordingly. Contact one of our attorneys today to find out more about the custody evaluation process.

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