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bentonville probate attorneyIf you require comprehensive services in Estate Planning in Bentonville, Arkansas, the legal experts at Martin Attorneys can assist executors and administrators with probate administration.

Contact Martin Attorneys today for a free consultation on matters pertaining to the execution of a loved one’s final requests.

We can prepare for the future by providing guidance on wills and estate planning, as well as setting up legal structures for guardianships, conservatorships and Powers of Attorney.

If you require an affordable, efficient law firm after the death of a loved one, we can help pay debts and taxes, collect due income and other benefits, collect all property and assets, evaluate claims, distribute the remaining property and resources, and settle any other disputes.

Probate is the court proceeding by which a will is proven valid and the estate is administered. The process generally includes collecting a decedent’s assets, liquidating liabilities, paying necessary taxes, and distributing property to heirs. We work hard to ensure that the estate is managed according to to the decedent’s final wishes.

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