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bentonville bankruptcy attorneyAre you looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer close to Bentonville, Arkansas?

Being in debt can be an overwhelming situation, but Martin Attorneys can help! We are a full service bankruptcy firm working in chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, dedicating ourselves to provide our clients with quality legal services.

It is not too late to file for bankruptcy debt relief. Martin Attorneys, P.A. are Attorneys who have been meeting the bankruptcy needs of clients in Bentonville since 1989. Our attorneys have helped more than 5,500 households in Northwest Arkansas with bankruptcy and other debt or tax-related problems.

You don’t need to be afraid of your creditors. Our firm can make your creditors leave you alone.

Martin Attorneys, P.A. uses Federal law to protect clients, offering alternative methods of debt repayment or debt liquidation, depending upon the client’s financial situation.

Contact Martin Attorneys for a free bankruptcy consultation and learn more about what you can do to get rid of your debt and achieve financial stability.

So, if Your bills have got you down, or if the bank is threatening to take your house, get in touch with us today for assistance. If you are having problems like a loan company towing your car, or the IRS wanting to take a big chunk out of your paycheck for back taxes, you need a qualified law firm who supports the Bentonville, Arkansas area.

Since bankruptcy laws have changed over the past few years, bankruptcy may not necessarily be your best option. To find out what your best course of action would be, call the experienced professionals at Martin Attorneys, P.A.

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